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HOW to find your Intention

Definition: Intention

a thing intended; an aim or plan.

For some people, it is not super easy to find your intention. To work out what they want. For example, they can’t envision the specific circumstances in which they would be satisfied, content, or complete. So, how do you find your intention?

Here, I want to set out some tips to help you clarify your goals – HOW to clarify and find your Intention…

What Does Done Look Like?

We’ve used this phrase before, in my discussion of Brené Brown’s idea of ‘daring leadership’. In that context, we used it to help leaders envision successes with their teams. Here, however, we need it to envision what a state of satisfaction and success would look like for you, not just at work but your life too.

YOUR Dream Day

So, pick a date in the future on which you will be fulfilled, content, and satisfied. If it helps imagine you are relaxing in the bath reflecting on a day well spent. This is what I call your ‘Dream Day’.

What does that image of YOUR Dream Day look like for you, specifically? How was your morning? How was your day spent? With whom? What has happened that inspired that sense of contentment? How does it feel?

If it helps, think back to a great day you have had in the past. A lazy June Sunday with family and friends – describe the scene to someone or write it down. Include descriptions of all the details – the sunshine, the chilled walk in the woods, the laughter and beers enjoyed sitting outside with friends. The feel of the sun on your skin, the smell of the woods and the taste of that well earned pint. Make it real in your mind.

We anchor information more effectively in our brains when we associate it with an emotion and sensations.

This image is you living your Dream Day. That’s the destination everything else should be the journey towards. Think about this scene for an hour, really feel the emotion and bodily sensations attached to it and get right down to the details of why this day is so special for you.

What is your true definition of ‘Time Well Spent’? What is your Dream Day?

Want guidance on HOW to define your Dream Day? I have a great podcast for you…

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