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About Me

I’m an implementation coach, teaching the HOW Skill Set to individuals in the UK and internationally.

Prior to this, I built a successful estate and letting agency in Scotland. For over seven years, I grew it from a small portfolio of rental properties to a three-office, market-leading enterprise with an amazing team of staff.

But, during that time, my life had moved away from bonnie Scotland. My friends and family were all near Cumbria. And, after nearly a year of running my business living between two homes (with an EIGHT-HOUR trip in-between), I had to make a hard decision.

I decided to sell my business.


If you ask friends to describe me (yes, I did a survey!) they would use the following words. Energising, organised, efficient, a teacher and nurturer and an amazing problem-solver. I’m always able to figure out HOW to make something happen.

Having run a business from start-up to market-leader, I understand the pain points you can experience during change, both at work and at home. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that, combined with a desire to help people and educate, make being an implmentation coach my dream job! I really love what I do!


We all know WHAT to do, but do we know HOW to implement it successfully? 

I created Gen-i, so I could offer my skills and experience to help people navigate change successfully. I can help you implement change effectively, thriving throughout the process, avoid burnout, reduce stress and reach your goals.

I teach the HOW Skill Set to individuals and business owners and their teams in companies of all sizes – enabling you to implement change successfully.


I hate to see people struggle. Seeing people stressed or under pressure, working in an inefficient system. It drives me to want to help. I believe everyone should be able to thrive in change, get their habits and actions working with them to ensure they enjoy change rather than dread it.q

The HOW Skill Set enables just that and I want to teach it to as many people as I can. The most rewarding part of my work is when I see people relax, when they see HOW the seemingly impossible task of Making Change Happen is indeed possible…and enjoyable!


As an implementation coach, I aim to help people identify not just WHAT needs to change, but HOW to make it happen. I’ll show you HOW to create effective implementation plans, improve productivity, work WITH your psychology and leverage your habits to execute change successfully and enable you to thrive in change.

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