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About Me

If you ask friends to describe me (yes, I did a survey!) they would use the following words. Energising, organised, efficient, a teacher and nurturer and an amazing problem-solver. 

I’m always able to figure out HOW to make something happen and I’ve become pretty comfortable with change!

I built my property business from a start-up to market-leader, through to finally selling my business in 2018. I know the pain points you experience when building and running a business. It is a marathon of courage, endurance and grit. The personal battles with self-confidence, stress, time management, ambition and uncertainty, all whilst balancing work and home life commitments to name a few!

Trust me, I know how challenging running and growing a business can be!

I learned vital skills while I built my business. I learned what I call the HOW Skill Set – HOW to use my psychology to work FOR me, HOW to learn effectively, build effective business systems, reduce distractions, promote focus, HOW to use the power of goal setting, developing positive routines, keystone habits to supercharge productivity. 

Now, this is what I teach. I love to teach the HOW Skill Set to a variety of business owners, through consulting, coaching, workshops and Gen-ius Network online course and platform.

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