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About Me

If you ask friends to describe me (yes, I did a survey!) they would use the following words. Energising, organised, efficient, a teacher and nurturer and an amazing problem-solver. 

I’m always able to figure out HOW to make something happen and I’ve become pretty comfortable with change!

I have followed my curiosity my entire life.

I’ve done a variety of different jobs from ‘dropping out’ of university, qualifying as a riding instructor to a music venue manager, then to building a property business from start-up to market-leader, I understand the pain points you can experience during change – the personal battle with self-confidence, stress, uncertainty, relationships, balancing work and life to name a few!

I get it, change is hard! But I made it happen…

I learned the HOW Skill Set – HOW to use my psychology to work FOR me, how to learn effectively, understand why we get distracted and procrastinate, what helps us focus, our intentions, the power of goals, routines, keystone habits, productivity is complex – and I’m obsessed with it!

Most of all, I’m fascinated by the potential that lies within each and every one of us to achieve our goals and actually live our ‘Dream Day’. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that, combined with a desire to help people and talent for teaching, has lead me to this point.

We’ve all been there, sitting on the sofa at the end of a long day and asking

‘What did I actually accomplish today?’

Or beating ourselves up about skipping the gym – or failing to reduce our screen time, again!

So we read personal development books, articles, films, attend events to learn what we need to do but…never implement any of it. Or start, but never finish

…sound familiar?

We live in a word full of distractions and stress and we can lose sight of our goals – stuck in the day to day.

I have run workshops and events but felt that one of the most important things was the consistent contact following the event…we need MORE than a moment of inspiration…

we need to learn HOW to maintain momentum!

My Misson:

I wanted to do something about it: to teach the HOW Skill Set, creating an affordable way we can learn effectively every day AND create a supportive community where people are committed to making changes actually happen.

Knowledge, continual learning, self-reflection, practical tools, accountability, support and community to create and facilitate ACTUAL change.

  So, I teach the HOW Skill Set and developed the Gen-ius Journal as an effective learning tool, with bite-size daily learning, journaling, reflection, with guidance, accountability and community built in.

I love it!

Affordable, Convenient & Effective Personal Development

The Gen-ius Journal For ONLY £1 a Day?

What?? Really??