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Hi I’m Nicola,

At Gen-i, I teach business owners and their teams the HOW Skill Set. With these tools, you’ll build effective implementation plans, improve productivity and leverage the power of your habits…

…to make change happen with ease.

Nicola MacPhail - Gen-i

Do you…?


Struggle to find time to work on those BIG plans in your business?

Find yourself always busy working IN your business, but not ON your business?

Feel full of ideas on how to develop your business but never EXECUTE them?

Start implementing something but NEVER finish it?


You are in the right place. At Gen-i, I can show you HOW.

About Me:

I’m a business implementation coach and writer.  At Gen-i, I research and write extensively on the HOW Skill Set – the techniques, tools and systems that enable you to create effective implementation plans, improve productivity and leverage the power of habits to make change happen with ease.

Based in Cumbria, I coach clients across the UK and internationally, and I love to help others make change happen and live their full potential both at work and at home.  Find out more…

Articles Featured In:

“…I’ve had a successful coaching and therapy business for 20 years.  And while I did a passable job of managing my finances, I never had real clarity about where I was at or, even more importantly, where I was going and how to get there. Well, after spending a few hours with Nicola, I got that clarity beyond what I could have expected!  Not only did I get clear about how to best organise my business and personal finances, I got clear about WHAT I really loved to do, HOW to implement that in 2019, and WHEN to do it.  I also got clear on how to make this plan way more financially successful than ever before, WHILE being way smarter about how many hours I worked!! Win/win/win/win!!…” Isabelle Tierney - Client

I’m here to help

Workshops & Group Training

I offer a variety of training courses and workshops – Group Workshops, Training Courses and Online Training Workshops.

3 Day Business Retreats

Weekend Implementer Retreats for business owners & managers to get away from the office for a few precious days to rest, reassess, refocus.

FREE Online Resources

Books stacked on the floor and on shelves.

I have a comprehensive blog containing a variety of useful articles and information on how to implement change in your business. 


I love what I do. You love what you do.

Work with Gen-i and Let’s Generate Impact!