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Hi I’m Nicola,

At Gen-i, I teach people the HOW Skill Set. I show you HOW to turn your ideas into actions, through improving your productivity, working WITH your psychology and HOW to use the power of your habits…

…to make change happen with ease.

Nicola MacPhail - Gen-i

Do you…?

Suffer from Poor Work Life Balance? Are stressed and tired?

Want to improve your productivity?

Attempt to start something but then… NEVER finish it?

You are in the right place…

I know we all have lots of ideas about WHAT we want to do – that dream trip of a lifetime, more leisure time, better health, fitness, financial peace of mind, mental clarity, lower stress, better lifestyle…the list goes on.

We gather great ideas from books we’ve read or events we attended, experienced those glimmering and exhilarating moments of inspiration from films and people we speak to. But after the inspiration fades, so does the motivation, as we start thinking about …. HOW the hell will I make it happen!

The struggle is real, HOW do we make it happen? HOW to turn ideas into ACTION.

This is what you will learn from here…

The HOW Skill Set

The HOW Skill Set includes the vital knowledge, tools, techniques and psychological concepts you can use to get things done. To take your IDEAS and turn them into ACTION.

I can teach you HOW to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

A bit about me…

I have attended multiple events, run workshops and run my own Weekend Retreats (check it out HERE), but felt that one of the most important factors that helped people actually make change happen was the consistent contact following the event – the accountability, support, community, reflection and continued learning.

So, I came up with the HOW Skill Set toolkit and developed the online Gen-ius Journal to teach it to people in an easy and effective way. 

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HOW I Can Help You


This unique online experience will teach you the vital HOW Skill Set and help you create your own Gen-ius Journal, using easy to understand bite-size daily lessons. Gain clarity on your Intention, learn what needs to change, HOW to prioritise and then HOW to Implement and Integrate the right changes. The online platform is FULL of all the information, tools and insights you need in easy to digest, bite-size daily learning. Combining knowledge with the powerful effects of  journaling and self-reflection. Including crucial guidance, accountability and community, this is THE tool you need to ‘Generate Impact’ (Gen-i).  Best of all it’s ONLY £1 A DAY!

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Affordable, Convenient & Effective Personal Development

Start YOUR Gen-ius Journal For ONLY £1 a Day?

What?? Really??


My weekly podcast is about all things change related. Covering a range of topics from HOW to Manage Stress to Personal Boundaries, to HOW to integrate Self-fullness and Beating Procrastination, this podcast is jam-packed with helpful and informative tips, tools and insights to help you learn HOW to make change happen!

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I love to share my knowledge and insights in my comprehensive blog, full of articles and resources. I cover a range of topics including HOW to improve productivity, work/life balance, remote working and time management to the psychology of change, mindset, stress, life goals and personal development.,  



These business workshops can be in-house within your company or organised at an alternative venue.

These workshop sessions cover the Five Steps of the HOW Skill Set and educate and train your teams to think with a HOW mindset. Additionally, I’ll enable them to brainstorm, plan and execute change within your company.

Each series of workshops will of course be tailored to your individual team’s or company’s needs as well.     >> CONTACT ME <<

“…I’ve had a successful coaching and therapy business for 20 years.  And while I did a passable job of managing my finances, I never had real clarity about where I was at or, even more importantly, where I was going and how to get there. Well, after spending a few hours with Nicola, I got that clarity beyond what I could have expected!  Not only did I get clear about how to best organise my business and personal finances, I got clear about WHAT I really loved to do, HOW to implement that in 2019, and WHEN to do it.  I also got clear on how to make this plan way more financially successful than ever before, WHILE being way smarter about how many hours I worked!! Win/win/win/win!!…” Isabelle Tierney - Client


I speak at a variety of events about the topics within the HOW Skill Set. From the ‘Power of Intention’, to productivity, to the psychology of change and power of habits, I educate audiences on the power of the HOW Skill Set and sharing tools they can apply to their working lives.

I effortlessly complement a variety of talk subjects, helping audiences make the most of all event content and actually implement key takeaways into their lives. Further, I craft talks of any length, including interactive workshop-style sessions and Q&As.  >> CONTACT ME <<

Affordable, Convenient & Effective Personal Development

Start YOUR Gen-ius Journal For ONLY £1 a Day?

What?? Really??