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Hi I’m Nicola,

I’m a Productivity Consultant.

I teach overwhelmed & overworked business owners HOW to realign your Work/Life Balance & get your back to enjoying the ‘buzz’ of running your business.

Nicola MacPhail - Gen-i

Are you…?


Just feel like you have too much going on in your head? Constantly distracted at work and at home? Wish you could just switch off?


Constantly tired, not enough hours in the day? Your friends have forgotten what you look like? You’re just not that fun anymore?


Suffering poor work/life balance? Feel like your business isn’t delivering the lifestyle you planned to enjoy?

I’ve been there…

We gather great ideas from books we’ve read or events we attended, experienced those glimmering and exhilarating moments of inspiration from films and people we speak to. But after the inspiration fades, so does the motivation, as we start thinking about …. HOW the hell will I make it happen when I’m so busy and exhausted!

The struggle is real, how do you get some form of Work/Life Balance back? HOW do you find the time to make changes you know you need to make? HOW do you get back to business being fun?  HOW do you streamline your business to help you?

This is exactly what I was looking for when I was in the mist of building my business, and what I now teach others to help them on their business journeys…

What I teach:
The HOW Skill Set

The HOW Skill Set is your key to unlocking better productivity, focus and habits to help you get more done. Streamline your systems and get back to enjoying your work again!

I can teach you HOW to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

A bit about me…

I built my property business from a start-up to market-leader, through to finally selling my business in 2018. I know the pain points you experience when building and running a business. I learned vital skills while I built my business. I learned HOW to streamline my operations, HOW to reduce distractions, HOW to focus, HOW to use the power of goal setting, HOW to develop positive routines, and HOW to supercharge productivity. 

Now, this is what I call the HOW Skill Set and I love to teach it to business owners and teams, through consulting, coaching, workshops, my Gen-ius Network online training platform.

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HOW I Can Help You


I can provide consultancy and team workshops in-house within your company. I also offer tailored 1 on 1 coaching for those individuals wanting to hone their skills and boost their productivity.

I’ll facilitate you and your team as you brainstorm changes, develop a implementation plan and execute positive changes to boost productivity and efficiency within your company.

Consultancy and workshops are tailored to your individual, team and company needs.     >> CONTACT ME <<


My weekly podcast is about all things change related. Covering a range of topics related to Productivity – from HOW to Manage Stress to Work/Life Boundaries, to HOW to combat Procrastination to Overcoming Tech Addiction, this podcast is jam-packed with helpful and informative tips, tools and insights to help you learn HOW to make change happen!

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I love to share my knowledge and insights in my comprehensive blog, full of articles and resources. I cover a range of topics including HOW to improve productivity, work/life balance, remote working and time management to the psychology of change, mindset, stress, life goals and personal development.,


“…I’ve had a successful coaching and therapy business for 20 years.  And while I did a passable job of managing my finances, I never had real clarity about where I was at or, even more importantly, where I was going and how to get there. Well, after spending a few hours with Nicola, I got that clarity beyond what I could have expected!  Not only did I get clear about how to best organise my business and personal finances, I got clear about WHAT I really loved to do, HOW to implement that in 2019, and WHEN to do it.  I also got clear on how to make this plan way more financially successful than ever before, WHILE being way smarter about how many hours I worked!! Win/win/win/win!!…” Isabelle Tierney - Consulting Client