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STOP SAYING…        


Learn HOW to Master Work/Life Balance & Supercharge your Productivity!

Are you…


Feel tired, not enough hours in the day? Your friends have forgotten what you look like? You’re just not that fun anymore?


Feel like you have too much going on in your head? Constantly distracted at work and at home? Wish you could just switch off?


Feel like your work/life balance is out of balance? Feel like your business isn’t delivering the lifestyle you planned to enjoy?

Do you want to:

Improve your productivity

Improve your work/life balance

Reduce stress

Switch off at the end of the day

Work less & live more

Drop the guilt

Have fun again

What you’ve been looking for…

We all gather great ideas from books, podcast, articles or events, experienced those glimmering and exhilarating moments of inspiration from films and people we speak to. 

But after the inspiration fades, so does the motivation!

We start thinking….

HOW the hell will I make it happen when I’m so busy and exhausted!’

HOW do you achieve Work/Life Balance?

HOW do you find the time to make system changes you know you need to make? 

HOW do you get back to business/work being fun?  

 HOW do you learn ways to thrive during you day and truly switch off at the end of the day?

This is exactly what I did when I was in the mist of building my business.

So, now I support others and give answers to these questions – helping others on their business journeys


“It reminds me to focus on my dreams,

gives me so much clarity and 

showed me how I can make it a reality.”


You’re in the right place…

In the Gen-ius Network join a motivated community of people committed to supercharging their productivity and establishing better Work/Life Balance.

You will learn the ‘HOW Skill Set’, your key to unlocking better productivity, systems, focus and habits to help you get more done. Restoring the Work/Life balance you have always been seeking and get back to enjoying your work again! 

I can teach you HOW to make the seemingly impossible, possible.

This has everything you would expect from expensive business events, groups, workshops and retreats BUT includes…

Group Coaching

Weekly Workshops

Informative and Practical Guides

All-Important Accountability

Ongoing Support

Lively Community

Regular Reflection & Improvement

Continual Learning


“It’s bite-size personal development 

but with a mentor and community built in”


It reminds me to focus on my dreams, gives me so much clarity and showed me how I can make it a reality. The bite-sized daily lessons are a really easy and convenient way to learn. I love it!

Linda - Gen-ius Member

A bit about me…

I built my property business from a start-up to market-leader, through to finally selling my business in 2018. I know the pain points you experience when working hard building and running a business – exhaustion, burnout and stress to name a few. I believe there is a better way…

Thriving over Striving

There is so much literature out there about ways to work harder, smarter, faster but not so much about HOW to thrive during the process. So I’ve spent much of my time since, researching, developing and teaching skills that help people thrive – what I call the ‘HOW Skill Set’. 

What I Teach

I’ll teach you HOW we learn effectively, to build systems, reduce distractions, HOW to focus better, use the power of goal setting, HOW to develop positive routines, and HOW to supercharge your productivity – I don’t just mean working faster, I mean working better! To thrive instead of strive.

This is what I call the HOW Skill Set and I love to teach it to individuals, teams and business owners, through consulting, workshops and the Gen-ius Network online training. I’ve also run my successful weekend Implementer Retreat where I teach business owners the HOW Skill Set over 3 days of talks, workshops and coaching. Check out the video from the retreat below…

See the HOW Skill Set in action at our LIVE Event

We taught the HOW Skill Set at our 2019 Gen-i Weekend Retreat

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see what happened…


Real clarity and inspiration to action. Bite size tasks that can be done with a busy family life with so much satisfaction at the end – perfect ! You are so full of knowledge it’s like having a personal coach with a supportive community to bounce off ideas – thank you!

Emma - Gen-ius Member

New Tools & Insights

Use the Gen-ius Journal exercises to explore what you really want, identify your true goals, discover your own patterns, habits, triggers and motivators. Learn new tools to keep you motivated, modify your habits, make small changes that help you achieve big goals.

Daily Bite-Size Knowledge

Our Gen-ius Guides contain daily bite-size ‘lessons’ will teach you how to gain clarity on you own goals, what you need to change, how to prioritise, stop procrastinating, organise your days, establish boundaries, make time to work on your goals, promote focus, influence your habits and much more…

Supportive Community

Gain access to our supportive online community of ‘Journalers’ – motivated people just like you, who are also using the Gen-ius Journal process to achieve their goals! Share tips, challenges, successes, interesting videos and resources to help  each other!

Genii Guidance

Our Gen-iUs Community mentors (Genii’s) are here to help you navigate the journey of change, provide group accountability, group coaching, offer advice and suggest resources to help you succeed.

Weekly Calls & Workshops

We host group video calls twice a week and weekly workshops where we celebrate successes, boost motivation, you can ask questions, ask for advice from fellow journalers.

Gen-ius Teams

Join an Accountability Group where you can join other members who are all going through the same experience. Your Group are there to experience the highs and lows with you. No-one succeeds alone!


I’ve discovered so much about myself.  The easy daily lessons along with excellent podcasts, videos and daily actions, help you gain the skills you need to reach your Dream Day. It’s bite-size personal development but with a mentor and community built in.

Liz - Gen-ius Member

What does it cost?

Personal/Professional Development is an expensive game.

Weekend seminars can cost in their hundreds, if not thousands, making it too expensive for most of us.

And whilst these events are great for a boost of inspiration and motivation, they lack the continued support required to make long-lasting change. Ever been to an event or workshop, enjoyed the burst of inspiration but then…

a few weeks later – you’ve forgotten a lot of what you learned, lacked support and well…little has changed?

This is common. So I asked, is it worth it? Is there a better way?

There is…Join the Gen-ius Network for one affordable monthly subscription and learn little and often, with support, regular group coaching and keep the momentum going!


“Long lasting change takes time,

the result of consistent effort

over the long term.”


That’s what we do in the Gen-ius Network.

Join today!

The Gen-ius Membership

Affordable, Convenient & Effective Personal Development for the LONG-TERM

Membership includes access to:

 My Online Foundation Course

This is where I will teach you the HOW Skill Set. This 5 step process will help you gain clarity on your work/life balance, supercharge your productivity, systems and focus.

Gen-ius Network Community 

Full of interesting posts, articles, resources, discussions to keep you motivated, productive and focused on maintaining work/life balance. Interact with other members and share your experiences.

ALL My Genius Guides 

These 7 day guides only take 30 minutes a day and cover a range of topics that will give you the skills to maintain work/life balance. We cover topics ranging from Procrastination to Organisation, Boundaries to Tech Addiction – there is something in there for everyone. All broken into easy to digest bite-size lessons, so you can learn little and often.

ALL Weekly Online Workshop

We host regular weekly workshops on all of the Guide topics to keep refreshing your memory and focus. Join any as they are ALL included with your membership.

Exclusive Workshops

Occasionally I will run unique workshops on particular ‘one-off’ topics where we will deep dive in on a particular topic. Again, these are ALL included in your membership.

Group Accountability

We create accountability groups for those who need a little more support and accountability. Join any you need to gain that valuable group accountability that will 10x your efforts. (For some accountability groups additional charges may apply)

Invites to Exclusive Events

Occasionally (COVID restrictions apply) we will run face to face events (Cumbria Area Only) which you can attend as a member!