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Struggle to make changes stick? Maybe you have been doing it all wrong...

Learn the secret of HOW to Make Change Happen with the Gen-ius Journal

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Struggling to know what you actually want?


Have you tried to make changes in your life but failed before?


Do you want to learn HOW to make effective changes?


Giving You All the Tools You Need to Achieve Your BIG Goals

Here’s HOW…


Stay motivated with habit trackers, weekly and monthly goal reviews, week planners, motivational exercises and goal setting all built into the planners specially designed pages. Each month we send you new insights to keep you inspired and motivated towards your goals!

Having a bit of a slump? Then our online community will offer daily motivation through regular posts, videos, updates, resources, and inspirational stories from other members.  


Each month you will receive new insights into psychology, including distractions, procrastination, planning, mindset, mindfulness, sleep, routines, habits…the list goes on! Each article will include and exercise with habit suggestions or key actions you can implement into your routine or environement in the coming month.

The journal and articles constantly evolve from the comments and feedback we get from you, to make sure we are also delivering the advice you need! 


Gain access to our supportive online community of ‘Genii’, a group of motivated people who are also using the journals to achieve their goals too! We are BIG on accountability, so you will be introduced to a group where you will be held accountable to your habits and actions as you use your Gen-ius Journal.

Here the rich and engaging community will be a place to share tips, challenges, successes, interesting videos and resources to help and support each other!


Our community mentors who can help you make the changes you want to make, offer advice, suggest resources and tips to help you succeed. 

You will be introduced into a small group of Gen-ius Journalers and with the help of your mentor, you can learn from their experiences, share tips and ask for advice.

We host regular group ‘drop in’ calls where you can join and we can help you with any particular struggles you are experiencing.

Develop Positive Routines & Habit:

The journal will help you develop the routine of planning your months, weeks and days to create specific time for working on your goals. Our aim is for the Journal to give you the structure to enable you make time for change, helping you reduce procrastination, improve your productivity and create positive habits!

Each week, develop two new habits that are aligned with your BIG goals and track your success in the journal.

Tips and Advice:

Each month you will receive interesting articles jam-packed with tips and tricks to help you develop the habits and routines you need to reach your BIG goal – including useful video links, additional articles, and insights to keep you well informed.

Each article will include exercises for you to complete, these will help you take action and implement what you have learned – including impactful habit suggestions, interesting mind-hacks, time saving tips and more!

It just takes time…

About Me:


Nicola MacPhail Gen-ius Journal Founder

We’ve all been there, sitting on the sofa at the end of a long day and asking ‘What did I actually accomplish today?’ or beating ourselves up about skipping the gym again or failing to reduce our screen time again!

Change is hard, but I’m obsessed with it! The psychology, effect of distractions, procrastination, what helps us focus, intention setting, visualisation, power of routines, keystone habits, productivity and most of all…the potential that lies within each an every one of us to achieve and actually live our Dream Day. The power of human potential…if only we could get rid of all our bad habits!

Now, I’ve implemented a lot of change – friends and family have always remarked on my clarity on what I want and my ability to quickly figure out HOW to make it happen… something I like to call “The HOW Skill-set”.

I see so many people wanting to make changes, trying to improve but change is hard! We live in a word full of distractions and stress and I wanted to do something about it, to create a community of people who are not constantly distracted by their phones, work, TV, but who are consciously using intentional actions to create a more fulfilling lifestyle for themselves. One full of curiosity, connection, fun and purpose.

In the Gen-ius Journal, I wanted to break down HOW I do this. To give you a daily companion that will help you implement change through gaining clarity on your true intention, educating you on ways to effectively implement change that work with your psychology, improve your productivity and leverage your own habits to work for you.

My mission is to help as any people as possible live their Dream Day!

So what is inside?

Article Pages

Key Actions & Worksheets

Weekly and Monthly Planners

The Journal:

First Instalment:

  • A5 Hardback Journal Cover to keep your planner and articles organised
  • 5 Key Articles and Exercises to help you identify your Goals and Key Actions for the year ahead!
  • PLUS (each month):

Weekly planner pages:

  • Monthly & Weekly Goal Tracker
  • Monthly & Weekly Habit Tracker
  • Selected Articles & exercises with Tips & Key Actions for you to implement each month

Online Community:

Join our interactive online community of fellow Gen-ius Journalers!

  • Habit Challenges & Actions
  • Share Tips with other Journalers
  • Connect with like-minded change makers
  • Share Inspirational Stories
  • Find an Accountability Buddy
  • Find people with similar goals and share tips and offer support
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Community Mentors providing advice and support
  • Tailored Podcasts to answer all your questions and queries as you ‘Make Change Happen!’

What does it cost?

Personal Development is an expensive game. Weekend seminars can cost in their thousands, unaffordable for most of us. Additionally, these events are great for a boost of inspiration and motivation but lack the continued support required to make long-lasting change. Ever gone to an amazing talk, workshop or seminar, found a burst of inspiration but then a few weeks later – little has changed?

You lost momentum?

Me too.

So I asked, is it worth it? Is there a better way?

 Introducing the Genius Journal Subscription:

This is different. It’s why the journals are monthly and affordable for everyone. At only £29.99 a month (£1 a day) you can have access to the same inspiration, resources, support and community but over a prolonged period of time, maintaining that crucial momentum and enabled you to create long-lasting change.

The subscription ensures you receive regular support through our community providing that all-important accountability and motivation you need to Make Change happen. PLUS the monthly Journal Pages, Articles, Exercises and Worksheets will be delivered directly to your home to give you the tools to keep you inspired, informed and motivated towards your goals. We are with you for the long run. Inspiration can happen in a moment but change…it just takes time!


Still have questions?