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How Can I Help You? 

The HOW Skill Set includes the tools, frameworks, techniques and methods I use to get things done.

I know we all have lots of ideas about WHAT we want to do. But the real struggle is HOW to make it happen.

I’m your archetypal HOW Person – structured, strategic, organised, pragmatic and an A* problem solver. As a result, I can help you figure out HOW. Making the seemingly impossible, possible.



These business workshops can be in-house within your company or organised at an alternative venue.

These workshop sessions cover the Five Steps of the HOW Skill Set and educate and train your teams to think with a HOW mindset. Additionally, I’ll enable them to brainstorm, plan and execute change within your company.

Each series of workshops will of course be tailored to your individual team’s or company’s needs as well.


These are focused 1 on 1 sessions where we deep dive individually into your goals, brainstorm ideas, and work through the Five-Step Process. As part of this, we’ll create an individual Implementation Plan for you and your own goals.

This coaching can be organised in a series of sessions over 6-12 weeks. Continued accountability is also included, to make sure you stick to your plan and Make Change Happen!


I speak at a variety of events about the topics within the HOW Skill Set. From the ‘Power of Intention’, to productivity, to implementation and habits, I educate audiences on the power of applying the many concepts and insights to their working lives.

I effortlessly complement a variety of talk subjects, helping audiences make the most of all the event content and actually implement key takeaways into their  lives. Further, I craft talks of any length, including interactive workshop-style sessions and Q&As.


My Journal is a way for you to focus on gaining clarity on your Intention, Insight into what needs to change, prioritising what to do first and then Implementing and Integrating changes in a systematic and strategic way. Additionally, I include membership to our exclusive online group and community platform where we share useful content and you can share tips, successes with other journalers.

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“…I’ve had a successful coaching and therapy business for 20 years.  And while I did a passable job of managing my finances, I never had real clarity about where I was at or, even more importantly, where I was going and how to get there. Well, after spending a few hours with Nicola, I got that clarity beyond what I could have expected!  Not only did I get clear about how to best organise my business and personal finances, I got clear about WHAT I really loved to do, HOW to implement that in 2019, and WHEN to do it.  I also got clear on how to make this plan way more financially successful than ever before, WHILE being way smarter about how many hours I worked!! Win/win/win/win!!…” Isabelle Tierney - Client