Struggle with operational ‘hassle’?

Want to fix the ‘Jamming Cogs’ in your business engine?

Want to make your day flow?

Want to make a change but struggle to implement?


I can show you HOW…


I work as an outsourced COO or Chief Operating Officer for small to medium businesses. I make your business vision a reality.

 The ‘HOW’ skill-set is key to any business of any size; with size comes complexity. Complexity, meanwhile, brings the need for systems, processes, project management, and structure to enable the business to run efficiently.

Dealing with issues, stress, poor productivity, business is busy but the ‘business machine’ is not running as it should?

You know things need to change but…just…cannot…find…the…time!

Keep you in Your Zone of Genius:

I am such a believer that people work best when they work in their ‘Zone-of-Genius’, you know, those tasks you do easily, faster and better than anyone else…and that you LOVE. Keep doing that! It is what built the business and gives you fulfilment. My ‘Zone-of-Genius’ is optimising operations. Working with others to problem-solve the structural issues in businesses. I am your devoted problems solver. Your ‘Leave it with me’ operations person. I can release you from the hassles of operations and you can enjoy what you love about your work again, knowing the operational matters are in hand. I work to make you and your teams lives better through structure.

“…I’ve had a successful coaching and therapy business for 20 years.  And while I did a passable job of managing my finances, I never had real clarity about where I was at or, even more importantly, where I was going and how to get there. Well, after spending a few hours with Nicola, I got that clarity beyond what I could have expected!  Not only did I get clear about how to best organise my business and personal finances, I got clear about WHAT I really loved to do, HOW to implement that in 2019, and WHEN to do it.  I also got clear on how to make this plan way more financially successful than ever before, WHILE being way smarter about how many hours I worked!! Win/win/win/win!!…”

Isabelle Tierney - Client

A Different Perspective:

As I discussed in my article, introducing a fresh face to your business is proven to help your decision-making, problem-solving, and team dynamics. Whilst I bring a huge amount of operational insight, a fresh face will not just bring new ideas. Rather, I also help you see new ideas and solutions yourself. The creative combination of Visionary and Operator skill-sets is a well-proven formula for success. Within the routine loop of your day-to-day operations, you might not see the wood for the trees. As someone who is ‘outside’ your business will help you see things differently. I can bring new ideas and create solutions to problems that you might have thought impossible to fix.

Just wait and see the difference it will make to your enjoyment of your work and life!

Flexibility & Project Based Work: 

You need a COO but just not full-time. 

What if you could have them on hand for the specific projects you need them for, whilst they just ‘keep an eye’ on operations throughout the week?
Or, you’re entering into a critical phase of your business – you are launching a new product or dealing with an unprecedented increase in demand? The benefit of an outsourced COO is precisely that, flexibility. We are used to getting ‘on-board’ quickly, asking the right questions and get stuck in with relative ease. Also, we can do more hours one week if there is a large project to oversee and then do fewer other weeks when we are monitoring the day-to-day operations.

I love seeing the change in people’s approach and how their available work ‘bandwidth’ increases and their creativity soars once they have a ‘HOW’ person on board!

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